Gourmet Take Away

Proteins, Veggies, Starches, Salads, and Antipasti fresh prepared to take home, heat, and eat. Priced by individual serving

Cashew Crusted Salmon        $11

Pacific salmon with a coating of crushed cashews, butter, and parsley.  Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free

Bourbon BBQ Ribs        $10

1/2 rack braised in our famous Jack Daniels Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Mini Meatloaf        $6

Made with 100% ground beef and a variety of spices then glazed in our grape tomato sauce

Gluten Free

Sundried Tomato Turkey Loaf        $7

Dark and white turkey meat ground with sun dried tomatoes and topped with a slice of pancetta.  This dish is high in zinc which helps maintain collagen and elastin fibers that give your skin its firmness.

Gluten and Dairy Free

Grilled Local Chicken Breast        $6.5

Tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley.  High in protein and lower in saturated fat than red meat

Healthy Essential, Gluten and Dairy Free

Lentil Cake        $5

Red lentils mixed with onions, garlic, roasted red peppers, and mushrooms.  A source of protein and fibre!

Healthy Essential, Dairy Free

Meat Lasagna        $8.5

With Spolumbo's spicy Italian Sausage and Alberta ground Beef...Just like Mama used to make it!

Marinated Tofu        $5

Marinated in sweet garlic soy and dressed with sesame seeds and cilantro.  A terrific alternative to animal protein

Healthy Essential, Vegan

Herb Crusted Mac & Cheese        $7.5

Our gourmet version of the classic with a blend of 3 cheeses and a herb crumb crust

Curry Apple Quinoa        $5

Quinoa in our curry sauce mixed with lentils, corn, and apples.  An excellent source of protein, fiber, b-vitamins, and iron

Healthy Essential, Vegan, Gluten Free

Two Egg Souffle        $5

See in store for our weekly variety

Asparagus Salad        $5

full of folate to help you feel fantastic!

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free

Green Beans & Almonds        $5

Our green beans are steamed then lightly tossed in olive oil, with sea salt, pepper, and toasted almonds.  Packed with vitamin E to help fight colds and flu

Healthy Essential, Vegan and Gluten Free

Roasted Garlic & White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes        $4.5

Our famous mashed potatoes with aged white cheddar cheese and house roasted garlic

Gluten Free

Sweet Potato Mash        $5

This dish is rich in beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A that helps maintain normal vision and radiant skin

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free

Butternut Squash Wild Rice        $5

With roasted butternut squash and sun dried tomatoes.  Full of soluble fiber to help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Healthy Essential, Vegan and Gluten Free

Potato Gratin        $5

Layers of yellow potatoes, mushrooms, and aged white cheddar cheese

Gluten Free

Cashew & Cranberry Wild Rice        $5

With a hint of maple syrup for sweetness

Healthy Essential, Vegan and Gluten Free

Cauliflower & Goat Cheese Mash        $5

Mashed cauliflower and creamy goat cheese.  Cauliflower is rich in flavonoids which can help prevent cancer

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free

Broccoli, Raisin, Cheddar Salad        $5

A creamy savory dressing with sweet raisins, red onion, and aged white cheddar cheese

Gluten Free

Artichoke, Chickpea, & Feta Salad        $5

Tossed in roasted garlic oil. Make it a meal with a grilled chicken breast!  An ideal post work-out recovery snack, enjoy with a full glass of water.

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free

Mesa Bean Salad        $5

Feel like a super hero after this super nutrient packed salad!

Healthy Essential, Vegan and Gluten Free

Asian Noodle        $5

Egg noodles with carrots, celery, red peppers, green onions, and cashews tossed in our house miso ginger vinaigrette

Dairy Free

Caprese Salad        $6

Our twist on an Italian classic.  Grape tomatoes and bocconcini cheese dressed in basil pesto and balsamic

Gluten Free

Greek Salad        $5

Tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, red onions, kalamata olives, and feta cheese in our house red wine vinaigrette.  An excellent source of monounsaturated fat

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free

Pancetta Potato Salad        $5

This is not your momma's potato salad!  Yellow and purple baby potatoes, with sliced pancetta, caramelized onions, green onions in our balsamic mayo dressing

Sesame Kale Slaw        $5

Chopped kale with purple cabbage, carrots, red pepper, and sesame seeds

Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan

Basil Pesto Pasta Salad        $5

Macaroni noodles tossed in our basil pesto dressing with grape tomatoes, peppers, and onions

Root Vegetable Mix        $5

A mix of potatoes, yams, parsnips, squash, and shallots tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Southwest Chicken Quinoa        $6.5

Packed with a double protein punch!  A great post workout dish!

Spicy Black Bean Quinoa        $5

This dish is high in protein, fibre, folate, and anti-oxidants

Healthy Essential, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Ginger Quinoa        $5

Quinoa is a high quality vegan protein source!

Healthy Essential, Vegan, Dairy Free

Apricot and Almond Quinoa        $5

Apricots, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, red onion, and quinoa tossed in our tangy orange chilli dressing.  This dish is packed with fibre to make you feel full!

Sundried Blueberry Turkey Patty        $7.5

These high protein burgers are low in fat, a great substitute for a beef burger!

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Sesame Apple Chicken Patty        $7.5

A great alternative to beef burgers! 

Healthy Essential, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Greek Bison Patty        $7.5

With local bison, Feta Cheese, and Chef's Greek seasoning

Chili & Lemon Lobster Cakes        $8

A great source of selenium to help keep your immune system strong!

Healthy Essential, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free